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Selling abroad, Contributions and Strategies: free webinar

Selling abroad, Contributions and Strategies: free webinar

After the lockdown, companies are preparing to return to foreign markets, but the international panorama has changed profoundly in recent months.

In fact, in recent months several Italian companies have had to deal with a perhaps unique and unprecedented crisis. In addition to supply chain issues, many companies have found themselves with a lack of demand due to government shutdowns around the world. This was the case, for example, of the oil sector: with cars, vehicles and more generally means of transport completely at a standstill, companies in the sector oil&gas faced a severe inventory shortage, with large inventories of oil remaining unsold, contributing to a steep decline in asking prices and potential revenues, all while costs rose.

Precisely for this reason, entrepreneurs and managers from all over Italy are looking for new answers and new tools to deal with these new problems. We need to think quickly: when demand regains strength, those who didn't move before will suffer heavily from this block. It is therefore necessary to rethink your positioning and the new strategies to apply to the context.

This is why the Government has put in place an important package of public aid to support Italian companies that export Made in Italy. The opportunity is to get a non-refundable grant, combined with a loan without guarantees, against an internationalization project or an export turnover exceeding 35%.

Precisely on the occasion of this package, Octagona, together with G-Finance, is organizing a special free webinar for all companies interested in relaunching their exports, thus making up for the pandemic crisis and problems relating to internal demand.

The webinar, titled “Selling abroad, contributions and strategies”, will be held on July 15, 2020 at 17:00.


What will we talk about in this webinar? Here is the complete programme:

5.00 pm – Incentives to grow your company: Simest's news for 2020
Marco Tabladini – GFINANCE senior consultant

5.30 pm – Strategic tools for the success of your business abroad: Case history
Rita Malavasi – Senior Consultant & Project Manager OCTAGONA

6.00 pm – How and when to start an E commerce project
Eleanor Marini – Project Manager SW40 Srl / Luca Giroletti – Administrator SW40 Srl


What are you waiting for? Sign up for the webinar for free and find out about tax incentives, contributions and strategies for overcoming challenges on international markets.

Write to us and tell us where you want to go, we will help you outline the best strategy and help you achieve your goals. Your goals are also ours and this has always been our strength, we are at your disposal.

For further information and if you want to book your place, write an email to [email protected] or via the contact form on the site



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