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Brollo in Iran with Octagona

Brollo in Iran with Octagona

The operation conducted by Octagona on the Iranian market, against Brollo Siet Srl, highlighted by the press

Iran today represents the last great frontier of international business. The country has been back on the international scene for some years now and there are many companies that glimpse the enormous unexplored potential. In fact, the country boasts one of the youngest and most educated population rates in the area: out of 78 million inhabitants, two thirds are under 35 years old. Economic growth recorded +4.3% in 2014, +0.4% in 2015 and +4.5% in 2016, while +5.2% is expected by the end of the year and +4.5% in both 2018 and 2019 .

And among the companies that are benefiting most from this economic and demographic development we find the Italian ones. Made in Italy is in fact an increasingly appreciated brand, with the middle class increasingly demanding Italian consumer products, while at the same time companies seek the quality and reliability of Italian machinery, services and infrastructure. And among these companies, the last to have landed on Iranian soil was the Treviso-based Brollo Siet.

Brollo Siet srl is an Italian company that produces and markets electrical and electronic transformers for neon, accessories for neon and signs, LED displays and other types of products in the electrical-lighting engineering material sector. The company, already strongly active on foreign markets and with a production site in India, wanted to activate a Business Development project in the Iranian market and for this very reason it relied on Octagona's experience to prepare its entry into Iran.

In particular, the company intended to launch in-depth market research on the transformers segment in order to understand the business opportunities; activate a search and contact action with local counterparts (importers, distributors, producers, end customers) interested in starting a partnership aimed at marketing products in Iran; implement a market establishment process, initially aimed at a supply process of transformers (or part of them) and possibly at the creation of a local production unit.

«Iran is a market with very high potential – declared Alessandro Fichera, CEO of Octagona – and there is great business space for Italian companies. Precisely by virtue of these reasons, and with the aim of helping companies interested in the market, we have decided to activate our presence in Iran, with the support of a local team: Iran is a still virgin market waiting to be discovered and being able to have collaborators on site represents an invaluable added value for those who want to approach the country. Brollo, which is an SME with clear ideas and a high quality product, characteristics that make it particularly suitable for starting successful projects on emerging markets such as Iran, therefore seized the opportunity with the fly; having supported it was not only a source of great satisfaction for our company, but also represents the first important step into the Iranian market, within which we intend to consolidate our presence".

Roberto Cimmino, Managing Director of Brollo Siet srl, commented as follows:

“The scouting and selection activity of potential companies interested in collaborating with Brollo Siet Srl had a more than good outcome: the potential customers selected proved to be seriously interested and completely inherent to the activities and dimensions of our company.

We have therefore achieved the objectives set and we are satisfied with what has been achieved in this first phase of internationalization in Iran: this was possible thanks to Octagona, which assisted us on site with excellent professionalism and competence".


Below is the entire press review of the physical and online newspapers that spoke about the Octagona and Brollo Siet initiative in Iran:

14 June 2017 – EmmeWeb: To read the article click here

10 July 2017 – Gazzetta di Modena: To read the article click here



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