Temporary Export Manager

South Korea and Vietnam are dynamic, challenging and culturally very distant markets from the Italian one, but thanks to our Temporary Export Managers present on site, you will be able to overcome all cultural and linguistic barriers. Working closely with you, they will plan and implement internationalization strategies targeted, ensuring a successful presence on the Korean market.

Legal, fiscal and administrative consultancy

L'adeguamento alle leggi e alle regolamentazioni dell'area è fondamentale per evitare ostacoli legali nell'ingresso al mercato. I nostri consulenti legali e fiscali specializzati offrono export consultancy detailed to ensure complete compliance with regulations and proactively address administrative obligations.

Commercial support

Possiamo contare su una profonda esperienza del mercato coreano e vietnamita, maturata in oltre 20 anni di attività. Il nostro team ti assisterà nello sviluppo di internationalization strategiesche prevedono anche il marketing, in grado di interagire efficacemente con il pubblico locale. Inoltre, la nostra rete consolidata di contatti in Corea del Sud e Vietnam agevolerà il coinvolgimento con potenziali clienti e partner commerciali.

Partner search

The identification of reliable and suitable partners is essential to be successful on international markets: through careful analysis, we at Octagona will find qualified partners, distributors or suppliers who will integrate with your company values and based on your requests. Our goal is to establish successful collaborations, based on complementarity and shared objectives.

Selling in South Korea

All the advantages of selling in South Korea and what we can do to help you penetrate this foreign market which is experiencing strong expansion.

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In addition to being one of the most modern economic systems in the world, Japan is also the third largest economy in the world, with which Italy has a solid economic-commercial link.

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Indonesia today appears to be one of the most promising countries not only from an economic growth point of view, but also from a political and social point of view.

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Vietnam represents a country of great opportunities for many companies wishing to embark on a successful internationalization path.

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