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Client Company

Brollo Siet srl is an Italian company thatmanufactures and markets electric and electronic neon transformers, neon accessories, and other related products.

The company, already strongly active in foreign markets and with a production site in India, intends to activate a Business Development project in the Iranian market and achieve the following goals:

  • Start a market research on the transformer segment in order to understand business opportunities;
  • Activate an action of searching for and contacting local counterparts (importers, distributors, manufacturers, end customers) interested in entering into a partnership aimed at the marketing of products in Iran;
  • Implement a process of settlement in the market, aimed initially at a process of supplying transformers(or part of them) and eventually creation of a local production presidium.

Strategy and Action

Octagona, with the support of its local team present in Iran, coordinated, planned and supervised the entire internationalization project:

  • elaborating a completemarket map, aimed at understanding industry dynamics and trends, players operating in the market, and technical aspects for access in Iran;
  • identifying,selecting and contacting Iranian companies potential partners interested in Brollo's products;
  • initiating telephone contacts and managing relationships with selected counterparties, in order to identify the interest in the evaluation of possible collaboration;
  • planning and organizing the meetings with counterparts available to meet with Brollo in Iran;
  • taking care of the accompanying action of Brollo in Iran and  meeting the best selected counterparts;
  • producing fact sheets for each individual company encountered;
  • organizing a company visit at the Fair “Iran Oil and Gas Show 2017”.

Results Obtained

Thanks to Octagona support

  • the company understood the Iranian market, on the transformer segment in order to understand business opportunities;
  • selection and identification of interested partners to business collaboration and fruitful meetings with such counterparts;
  • Gathering of a large amount of valuable information to define further business steps, useful for understanding and defining the next steps to be implemented.

Customer Feedback

Roberto Cimmino, Managing Director Brollo Siet commented as follows:

The scouting and selection activity of potential companies interested in cooperating with Brollo Siet Srl. had a more than good outcome: the potential customers selected turned out to be seriously interested and completely inherent to the activities and size of our company.

Therefore, we have achieved our goals and are satisfied with what has been accomplished in this first phase of internationalization in Iran: this has been possible thanks to Octagona, who assisted us on site with excellent professionalism and expertise”.

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