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NCS Lab Srl

Client Company

NCS Lab Srl is a company that can provide analysis, consulting and engineering services for problems related to materials, components and processes in various industrial sectors

R&D, Proto & Style, Manufacturing & Finishing, Material LAB, Shared Services and Medical Devices are the company's main areas of expertise.

The company intends to launch a structured internationalization project in the U.S. market. Following are the set goals:

  • Establish themselves directly in the market in question through a corporate formation process on the spot;
  • Better manage the settlement process;
  • Receive legal, corporate and administrative assistance, including following incorporation;
  • Manage on-site sales efforts as best as possible, through direct oversight and coordination with third-party organizations (with particular reference to logistics activities in support of North American customers).

Strategy and Action

Octagona led the entire internationalization project. Listed below are all the activities implemented for the success of the operation:

  • Analysis and identification of the U.S. state in which to establish the Company;
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation and handling of paperwork for opening the company;
  • Support in opening the current account;
  • Preparation of contractual arrangements for local employees through the introduction of a U.S. law firm that can assist the company in the pre- and post-establishment phases.

Results Obtained

Thanks to Octagona support

  • NCS AMERICA INC was properly established in the State of Delaware;
  • The company operates commercially successfully in the U.S. market and is able to serve its North American customers by closing distribution agreements with local counterparts;
  •  The company receives administrative and accounting support from a local company presented by Octagona.

Customer Feedback

Matteo Mantovani, General Manager NCS Lab Srl:

"Thanks to the precious support of Octagona, we were able to establish ourselves in the U.S. market and disentangle ourselves in a reality with great potential, but also characterized by high complexity.

Running such an activity on our own would have taken a long time and required significant human resources: for this reason, and in order not to make mistakes, we relied on Octagona. We thus put ourselves in a position to operate in a very promising market in a manner that complies with local laws."

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NCS Lab Srl

NCS Lab Srl provides analysis, consulting and engineering services for materials, components and processes in various industries.