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Sag Group in India and Türkiye thanks to Octagona

Sag Group in India and Türkiye thanks to Octagona

Sag Group arrives in Turkey and India, and Octagona confirms its active role in providing internationalization consultancy to companies that decide to expand their presence in new emerging markets.

Sag Group, a group with its main headquarters in Novellara (RE) and composed of Sag Tubi SpA, Sag Tubi Tredozio Srl and Sagom Tubi SpA, with a view to expanding its commercial activities has made use of the support of Octagona, landing on the Indian and Turkish markets.

The Emilian company, with over forty years of experience and a consolidated turnover of around 50 million euros, operates in the automotive sector with shaping and processing processes for tubes and components for cars, tractors, agricultural machinery and earth-moving machinery, as a leading company in the sector. The need to support its customers on foreign markets, and in particular on new global markets characterized by significant economic growth, made this step necessary.

As regards the Indian market, Sag Group has deemed it appropriate to activate its presence through the establishment of a 50/50 Joint Venture with Hy-Tech Engineers, an Indian fittings manufacturing company, very active on the local market. The headquarters of the new company, called Sag Hy-Tech Tubes Pvt. Ltd., will be Pune and the production plant will have a coverage of at least 1000 m2. The Joint Venture's strategy involves the processing of hydraulic components for the local market, initially in the agricultural and earthmoving sectors.

However, the strategy regarding the Turkish market is different: entry into the country's market directly involves the establishment of a local company in Istanbul: Sag Hidrolik Ticaret Sanayi Limited Þirketi. Sag Group is already present in Turkey and has several clients under its belt, including Turk Traktor. The production plant, near the capital's main airport, in this case will be over 2000 m2.

The role played by Octagona was of fundamental importance. Italian companies today must necessarily deal with the new emerging countries in order not to be crushed by the new economic-commercial dynamics and to remain competitive in the face of the new needs and demands of a market that is increasingly pushing towards the internationalization of companies. For Italian SMEs, the path to access and develop in new global realities is always very complex and external support therefore becomes essential: the example of Octagona and Sag Group demonstrates how the integration between the two different teams and a correct and targeted approach analytical and practical aimed at achieving common objectives, are able to bring concrete results in line with the strategy and dimensions of Italian companies.

Faced with a market driven by new global players, in order not to lose pace, Italian companies must reformulate their concept of made in Italy: set up local companies or find a local partner with whom to share a corporate path, and not just base on mere export, it represents an important solution as well as a guarantee of results in the future.


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