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Selling Italian products in America, opportunities for export

Selling Italian products in America, opportunities for export

Selling Italian products in America constitutes an important opportunities for companies in our country and this depends on some factors such as the political stability of the American market and a dynamic economic context

The data speaks clearly: in 2022, bilateral trade in goods and services between the two countries reached a record of 117.3 billion dollars, marking an increase of 23.5% compared to 2021.

Currently, the United States represents the main export market for Italy outside the EU, absorbing the 10% of all Italian exports.

In this article we will examine how Italian companies can make the most of the prospects offered by this growing market.

Selling Italian products in America


Selling Italian products in America, the opportunities for Italian companies

The reasons that push an Italian company to export to the USA they are multiple. Among the most significant is access to a vast market beyond 333 million inhabitants, which allows you to diversify commercial risk and enhance the prestige of Made in Italy in different sectors. The ideal time to expand may vary, depending on the company's maturity, the receptiveness of the U.S. market and the company's ability to meet new challenges.

Selling in the United States, all the advantages

What are the elements that make the US market so interesting for Italian companies?

Market breadth

The country's medium to high GDP per capita indicates high purchasing power. As a result there is high demand for a wide range of products and services. This breadth allows Italian businesses to diversify risk and expand into a market that can support long-term growth.

Political stability

The United States boasts a stable and consolidated political system. This promotes the continuity of business operations and reduces the risks associated with sudden changes in economic policy. This stability offers a safe environment for investments. Furthermore, this condition guarantees that the rules of the game do not change frequently, allowing companies to plan export activities with greater certainty.

Favorable tax system

The United States offers an attractive tax system for businesses that want export to USA, with incentives and benefits that can make the business more profitable. Pro-business tax policies support business growth and attract foreign investment. Additionally, different jurisdictions within the United States may offer additional tax advantages that businesses can take advantage of.

Vibrant economy

The US economic context is one of the most dynamic in the world, characterized by a strong propensity for innovation and growth. Companies operate in an environment that rewards entrepreneurial initiative and offers numerous opportunities to develop new ideas and products. Furthermore, the business-oriented economy creates a favorable ecosystem for companies that want to expand and prosper.

Efficient bureaucracy

Administrative procedures in the country are generally quick and transparent, making it easier to start and manage business activities, starting fromopening a company in the USA. Businesses can benefit from a system that supports business transactions with fewer bureaucratic hurdles than in many other countries. This makes it easier and faster to penetrate the market and start operations.

Appreciation of Made in Italy

Italian products enjoy an excellent reputation in the United States, where they are highly appreciated for their quality and design. Sectors such as food, L'clothing and mechanics/automation see strong interest from American consumers, who associate Made in Italy with excellence and innovation. This appreciation facilitates the entry and growth of Italian companies in the US market.

What to do to sell in the USA successfully: the aspects to consider

For sell Italian products in America, it is not enough to analyze the general scenario; it is necessary to thoroughly study local and international competitors, understand the peculiarities of the distribution chain, precisely define your target and potential commercial partners, and satisfy regulatory requirements. 

For this reason, it is essential to adopt a scientific, structured and methodological approach, with a business plan well defined, which includes times, costs, activities and responsibilities that are clear and shared by top management.

Among the main aspects that Italian companies must consider are:

  • Market size: The United States is a very large territory, divided into 50 states, each with its own characteristics in terms of population, ethnic groups, social status and average age. This diversity requires specific market strategies for each geographic area.
  • High competition: The US market is extremely competitive, with numerous competitors from all over the world. Companies must be ready to analyze a wide range of competitors high level.
  • Rules and regulations: The United States has regulations and certifications that are often different from those in Europe and vary from state to state. Complying with these regulations can be complex and requires special attention.
  • Logistical complexities: The sheer size of America poses significant logistical challenges, including transportation costs and supply chain management.


Further aspects to consider are:


  • Customs procedures: Customs clearance procedures for exports to the United States are different than those within the EU and may lead to additional bureaucratic complications.
  • Distribution chain: Differences in supply chains and potential overseas business partners require a well-planned entry strategy.
  • Direct presence: The lack of a direct presence on American soil can represent a challenge, limiting the ability to respond quickly to market needs.
  • Cultural differences: There are profound cultural differences in doing business in the USA, such as attention to customer service, after-sales and meeting deadlines. Understanding and adapting to these differences is critical to success.

Overcoming these difficulties requires a well-structured approach, with a clear medium-long term strategy that considers all the variables at play.

Selling in USA


Export to USA: Octagona at the service of your company

The team of Octagona can become your strategic ally to successfully expand your business in the United States. Thanks to our twenty years of experience we are able to offer services designed to complete a journey internationalization

Following a careful market analysis we can define a tailor-made entry strategy, based on the characteristics of the target market and on compliance with current regulations and certifications. Subsequently, we move on to organizing the logistics necessary to face the challenges related to the management of the supply chain, warehouses and transport methods. 

To be able to carry out these and many other strategic actions you can be supported by a Temporary Export Manager, an expert who supports the company in export operations and market penetration, facilitating transition and business development.

If you are also interested in expanding your business to the United States, contact us for any further information.


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