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How to build a successful Export Plan

How to build a successful Export Plan

Internationalization certainly represents a complex challenge in the growth process of a company.

In fact, to establish a successful presence abroad, specific knowledge is required to reach the best strategic decisions.

Without a systematic approach to internationalization you could make some mistakes that can damage your global expansion, not to mention the resulting waste of resources and time.

This is why we need a framework that can act as a guide for the company's foreign growth: this is the Export Plan. 

In order to be able to draw up a successful export plan for your company, it is necessary to define the elements that cannot be missing from this particular document, let's look at them together.


How an Export Plan is structured


Every successful Export Plan has the following elements:

  • Why export: the reasons for this choice may go beyond the objective of increasing company revenues, expanding with the aim of diversifying them, or dealing with demanding markets, high standards or competitors at the technological-commercial frontier.
  • The business model and proposal valueand: what are the elements that create competitive advantage and what are the practices that make us different from everyone else. Tackling a challenging project such as entering a foreign market also represents a useful opportunity to focus on the company's strengths and weaknesses. Only through an in-depth knowledge of the company (history, values, organisation, skills, successes, failures, etc.) is it possible to implement actions to consolidate the strengths and correct the weaknesses.
  • The target foreign market: what are the needs, barriers to entry, size of demand, competition analysis, possible distribution channels and potential distributors;
  • The economic and financial goals: the description of the financial objectives must be aimed at verifying the consistency between the sales and expenditure forecast and the availability of financial resources capable of compensating for any deficits between revenues and costs, also taking into account any overestimates of the former and underestimates of the latter .
  • The operational plan: this chapter finally contains the Action Plan of the project, which aims to give concreteness and credibility to the strategic intentions. The contents include for example: the human resources involved, their organization in the project and the responsibilities assigned; the assignment of objectives and activities to each manager; the definition of milestone and their distribution over time, including the moments of verification and revision.


The Export Plan is therefore a key tool for directing and coordinating actions of subjects internal and external to the company, and to thus guarantee the success of an expansion abroad for the company.

In other words, it is the compass of Italian companies that want to approach international markets: to sell abroad you need to define WHERE to go and HOW to approach the market.

It is not possible to dedicate time and resources to unsuitable or unprofitable destinations. Through the study of the variables that we have reported above, the Export Plan will in fact provide a clear hierarchy of the elements to be evaluated and prioritized for a successful export.


Are you interested in learning more about the Export Plan according to the Octagona method? At that time all you have to do is rely on our team of experts.

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