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Export of agricultural machinery, prospects for 2024

Export of agricultural machinery, prospects for 2024

Over the last decade, theexport of agricultural machinery Italians showed constant growth, with a average rate of 3.6%

This positive trend was also confirmed in the first half of 2023, recording an increase of 13.6% and exceeding that of instrumental mechanics as a whole (+12.3%).

Despite the United States, France and the Germany remain the main target markets, new opportunities are opening up in emerging countries such as India, Mexico and Brazil.

In this article, we will see which agricultural machinery is most exported and the main countries involved. The context d will also be analysedthe benefits planned for the sector during 2024, aimed at supporting its development. Finally, we suggest the strategies you could adopt to export successfully. 


Machine exportagricultural areas: the reasons for a positive trend and the forecasts for the current year

Despite the current geopolitical conflicts, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine and the delicate situation in the Middle East, an increase in agricultural production on a global scale is expected, as attested by the data provided byOECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2023-2032.

Considering this, it is reasonable to expect an increase in demand for agricultural machinery. This growing demand is also justified by the needs linked to sustainable agriculture, which aims to maintain high production volumes and simultaneously reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Reducing water consumption, conserving biodiversity and improving the quality of life in rural communities are also key objectives. All this is made possible only through the adoption of agricultural mechanization systems equipped with increasingly innovative technologies.


Agricultural machinery, which are the most exported from our country?

Italian agricultural machinery manufacturers stand out as world leaders in the sector, thanks to their offering of cutting-edge technologies, ergonomic design and commitment to sustainability. Their exports testify to the progressive rise of Italian agri-food and wine machinery.

In particular, Italian combine harvesters and grape harvesting machines are gaining more and more popularity globally, thanks to their innovation and extreme precision. These advanced tools not only increase agricultural productivity, but also help reduce waste, thus responding to a need that is becoming increasingly urgent. In general, tractor exports were stable, around 0.4%. The segments of agricultural, forestry and livestock machinery should also be mentioned, which recorded an increase of 5.5%. 

Among the most requested products inexport of agricultural machinery the tractors of the Landini and Lamborghini Trattori brands stand out. Thanks to their reliability, sophisticated design and use of the latest technologies, these tractors contribute significantly to the promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Italian seed drills, produced by brands such as MaterMacc and Maschio Gaspardo, are admired for their efficiency and distinctive design. In fact, they allow precise sowing and significantly optimize the use of resources.


Major export markets for agricultural machinery

In recent years, the demand for Italian agricultural machinery has been driven mainly by the United States, France and Germany, bringing the value of the sector's exports to 2.2 billion euros in 2022. However, new markets are opening up, especially in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

The Mexico and Brazil are experiencing a notable increase in sales of Italian agricultural machinery, especially from Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Veneto.

Even Nigeria, although exports to this country are currently still limited, is showing clearly rising growth, making this market extremely promising for the future.

The agricultural machinery market in India is attracting particular interest as it prepares for significant expansion over the next decade, with its value expected to triple to $31.6 billion by 2033.

New equipment for ploughing, sowing, spraying and irrigation will be increasingly required to improve the efficiency of the agricultural production system.

And still referring to India, the Italian production of agricultural machinery comes second the chief economist of SACE Alessandro Terzulli can cover the entire agri-food supply chain, from the cold supply chain to processing and packaging machinery.


The main certifications for exporting agricultural machinery

As regards the presence of certifications for the machinery that will have to be exported to the markets of interest, let's see the most important news for next 2024.

For example, if we take into consideration the United States, it is good to remember that in order to carry out sales and exports of agricultural and industrial machinery within this market it is necessary comply with regulations Americans that regulate industrial products, as well as all customs obligations.

There procedure to carry out the sale of machinery in the USA there are two possible paths to follow:

  • Obtaining a specific mark from the relevant NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) institute;
  • Export without this certification) subject to carrying out certain control tests which confirm compliance with certain safety standards established in the USA).


In the absence of a UL mark or other certification, the manufacturing company is obliged to ensure that its machinery still meets the requirements of the tests carried out in the NRTL laboratories.

Below we list what is new for 2024:

  • GFCI and technical requirements defined in UL508A and NFPA 79 for machines and systems intended for North America;
  • New Directive NI2 (Network and Information Security): provides legal measures to strengthen the general level of cybersecurity;
  • Canadian Electrical Code 2024: establishes the guidelines and requirements necessary to reduce the risks of electric shock, fire and other electrical hazards;
  • the NFPA70E 2024 edition on Arc Flash: takes into consideration all electrical risks including those due to arc flashes and recommends the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) depending on the level of risk;
  • the Arc's limiting devices.


understand how e-commerce works


Export of agricultural machinery: which strategies to adopt

In addition to thinking about mode with which they can be made to arrive its machinery in the reference target markets, it is also possible to embrace the idea of adopting commercial strategies of different nature. For example, to consolidate your presence in markets where the company is already present, you could consider opening a warehouse in a strategic area. 

Other measures which constitute alternative solutions also to deal with periods of crisis and uncertainty, are:

  • To research new outlet markets that are easy to reach and not so difficult to penetrate;
  • Review your supply chain to ensure that it does not suffer any setbacks of any kind;
  • Preserve the market with a logic of local for local trying to land with a direct presence that enjoys the support of a local network;
  • Aim at digital export operations to be able to seize opportunities in international markets through innovative online sales channels. 
  • Company constitution

    in the country of interest.


To fully grasp the export opportunities in the agricultural machinery sector, Octagona provides the necessary support through strategic consultancy and facilitating theinternationalization of businesses.

With our many years of experience in international contexts and our constant commitment to adaptation and innovation, we help businesses expand into the global market, ensuring long-term growth and success.


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