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Technology transfer, a process to know

Technology transfer, a process to know

What are we referring to when we use the term “technology transfer”?

It is often talked about also in relation to internationalization processes, indicating the possibility of transferring precise know-how of certain knowledge to foreign markets.

In Italy this expression is being used more and more often, a sign that technological transfer is growing in our country also thanks to ad hoc investments. These investments are often supported by public tenders. For example, those managed by the Enea Tech Foundation are aimed at enhancing the acquisition of technological innovations by many production sectors.

Technology transfer is encouraged by financial aid and also by the direct involvement of institutions such as universities and research centers, always with the aim of introducing new growth opportunities and increasing the degree of competitiveness of a company even in international contexts.

Intellectual property technology transfer


Technology transfer, a glue between the world of research and the market


The number of companies that entrust internal or external resources with the task of planning and managing every aspect related to technology transfer is currently increasing.

In this moment of great dynamism, characterized by an ever-increasing globalization of markets and high competitiveness, the acquisition of the latest technologies becomes almost an imperative if you want to achieve commercial success and further establish your brand. 

This is why institutions like the National Innovation Fund continue to provide incentives in many areas, for example agri-food, fashion, electronics.

The objective is to promote innovation and progress, enhancing that ideal bridge between the places where research is carried out and those where it becomes an asset usable through the market, an increasingly international market. 

Internationalization and intellectual property linked to technology transfer


We cannot talk about technology transfer without also talking about intellectual property, which must be strictly protected, especially when we refer to processes of  internationalization. Technology transfer helps to simplify the internationalization process of companies in the short term. The actions related to it allow access to the market without significant investments and initial brand development. 

Exploring the topic of intellectual property, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides specific support to Italian companies, with the specific intent of protecting the rights of all skills related to technological transfer in other nations, avoiding possible counterfeiting.

In this it is fully supported by European Commission, which expresses itself as follows regarding technology transfer to foreign countries:

“Foreign companies will be more likely to license knowledge and collaborate on joint projects if a country has an effective intellectual property rights system.”

Technology transfer must be clearly protected within and outside national borders.

How to ensure that this is done in the best way and without unpleasant surprises?

Octagona can help you with this, and much more: 

Our team of professionals with many years of experience deals with:

  • carry out specific consultancy on the regulations and certifications of various countries, even outside the European Union, including legislation related to intellectual property;
  • provide help in finding partners abroad and intermediation services to conclude technology transfer agreements;
  • provide a service to SMEs for the evaluation and improvement of their actual innovation management potential, also through specific audits;
  • provide support in the development of new products and in the optimization of wide-ranging logistics processes, for example by exploiting the management capabilities of an effective supply chain.


If you want to expand your business, taking advantage of technology transfer, contact us now.

We will be able to help your business by identifying those determining factors capable of successfully expanding it beyond national borders, protecting its intellectual property.


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