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India: business opportunities for Italian companies in 2023

India: business opportunities for Italian companies in 2023

India is increasingly a strategic trading partner for Italian companies. The Indian market is in fact the second most populous in the world, and the country represents the sixth global economy thanks to the impressive GDP growth rate over the last 10 years (an average of 6.1% per year according to the IMF), made possible by implementation of reforms that have contributed to making it increasingly open to international trade. 

According to the experts, in the next few years the increasingly large middle class will enjoy greater spending power than in the past, fostering interest in Italian brands: according to the World Economic Forum, over 140 million households will become middle class and another 20 million will enter the top income category by 2030. This factor will also favor India's replacement of China as a magnet for industrial and financial investment, due to the continued deterioration of relations between the West and China itself.

Italian companies can therefore find great business opportunities in India, benefiting greatly from this new scenario. Currently, commercial and diplomatic relations between Italy and India are growing and very positive, as evidenced by the recent economic-commercial agreements signed in November 2020 between the Italian Government and the Indian Government.

For this reason, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, Class Editori and its media will organize a digital event to discuss the new commercial dynamics and business opportunities in India for Italian companies of all sizes. The event will see the participation of representatives of the institutions, economists, entrepreneurs and managers of both countries, in order to provide a privileged point of view on a topic of topical for the national and international economic system.


Wednesday 19 April, 10:00 – 15:30

Live on ClassCnbc (Sky 507), milanofinanza.it, italiaoggi.it and Zoom. Live LinkedIn on Milano Finanza

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Program “India. Business opportunities 2023”:


India in the geopolitical scenario


Inside Factor I (India)

– India 2030 – The structural investment plan at the end of the decade

– International finance is also looking to India: a large investor is speaking

– The impact of demographics and e-commerce on consumption trends


The key sectors of the near future

– Agribusiness

– Renewable Energy

– Automotive


Focus Fashion. A winning strategy for Made in Italy brands


Great works between promises and realizations

– The value of Italian engineering for subways and railways

– NIIF – National Infrastructure Investment Fund

– Technology parks and special economic zones, one more opportunity


Italy in India, success stories


Sistema Italia: who helps to do business

– The prospects of Italian exports

– Simest: the push strategy to help investments and exports

– The role of banks

– Joint Ventures or direct acquisitions?

– A continent for SMEs too?


Know India

– The rules that are worth gold for doing business

– The regions of India, diversity and sectoral opportunities



Technology transfer in India: an effective model of internationalization

The success of Italian companies in India

Will India replace China in international trade?


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Focus India – Export Objective

Focus India – Export Objective

India, with its demographic strength and a domestic market1

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